Lifestyle Factors That Affect Social Success

Social success is not something that is talked about often but something that people desperately seek for. Even though we promote individualism humans cannot live alone since they are species who value families and relationships. Social success comes into play prominently after you step into the corporate world. From kindergarten to college, you’ve along through various stages of social success; you’ve sometimes had a lot of friends and sometimes felt completely alone. However, now you need to step up your game since networking is everything in the corporate world. Here are some of the lifestyle factors that affect social success.


  1. Closeness to amenities

Someone who lives right in town has a higher chance of socializing than someone living about an hour away. All hang outs are placed around town so even if your friends get together and call you and you live miles away, you’d probably not want to go. If they were close by, you would definitely be motivated to go.


  1. How safe your neighbourhood is

If you live in the area in town that nobody likes to go to, well then you have a problem. They would obviously be hesitant to visit you and even you might not want them over at your place since it could bring down some extra trouble for you like arranging taxis so that all could go home safely, getting to leave early since walking to the subway late night could be dangerous etc.


  1. Living with parent vs. on your own

It might quite embarrass you in front of your friends and colleagues if you still live with your parents. Well, it’s not something to be ashamed of, however since moving out is somewhat traditional in some cultures; your peers would perceive you differently. Having your own place will let you have your freedom so you could ask your friends to come over whenever you feel like. Your place would be the popular meeting spot.


  1. Having a good place to entertain

If you own a villa at the lake, everyone would love to come over. It’s always easier to have something special when asking your friends to come hang out. You don’t really have to own a villa for that. If you had a giant TV, a foosball table, pool table or even an amazing rooftop, you’d be their favourite person.


  1. Weather

Imagine going for a movie during winter under heavy snowfall? You could feel lazy to put on your boots and jacket just to step out of the house, not mentioning the pile of snow covering your car. Most people skip social events during winter simply for this reason.